Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waji's Ways of Solving Problems Part 2


One of the things that really annoy me is when a guy keeps pestering me to 'treat' him to a meal or a drink. Well if i'm the one offering then that's totally cool. In most cases... they offer themselves on my behalf. I can't stand it and here are the reasons why...

#1: EUWW!!!
#2: So annoying!!!
#3: I'm not your freakin' husband!!!

So how do I deal with these kind of men who have absolutely no self-respect by asking a woman to treat 'em?!?!?

Take note, I ONLY SAID... "OK FRIEND".

So I just go off...

..and never come back...


PADAN MUKA!!! (<<"In your face!!!" in Malay)

The Logic: Just because I said "Ok" to something, doesn't mean I'll do it. PLLtTtTTtttt!!!! =P

Sometimes people annoy you and usually when you tell 'em to stop whatever it is that they're doing... you expect them to actually stop. Unfortunately there are people who will annoy but they don't stop... maybe they find satisfaction in annoying others. So how does one stop someone from annoying you when you've already told 'em to stop but they just wouldn't?

For instance if my little sister annoys me and doesn't stop, which she does do by the way... What would I do?

What I do is...

I join her... hahahaha.

The Logic: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Yezzzz.... and most of the time... I end up annoying her more and she'd leave me alone. Especially when I annoy her with "La-la-la-la-la-laaaa Lalala...." It doesn't sound annoying but it is. It's hard to convey tone of annoyance in writing... but seriously, it's really annoying. Right Mizah?!?!? Haha. Moving on.

Another thing that bothers me is when you're having a chat with your friends and then suddenly there's an awkward silence. Oh My GOD!!!!! I hate it when that happens. It feels like the time just freezes itself... and I swear that sometimes when there is an awkward silence, I can hear crickets chirping. That is HOW AWKWARD it was. Usually I keep trying to think of things to say to avoid the situation from emerging... but sometimes you have no choice but to think off your feet which happened to me quite a number of times. That incident itself resulted me in finding the solution to this problem. So if you ever face an awkward silence...

THINK!!! How to break the silence!?!?!?!?



Because they'll walk away...

Leave you...



The Logic: Who wouldn't wanna escape from an awkward silence? IT'S AWKWARD! Nuff said.

Until we meet again,


Waji the Empress.

Peace. No War.


  1. dammit. i must find a new way to annoy you! :@

    funny post though.

    "so i just go off.."

    "and never come back!" bahahhaha

  2. Awkward silence. I tend to wander off alone in my own world of thinking when this occurs and before I even willingly got out of such self-created world of mine, usually the awkward silence has already ended. I learned to enjoy the awkward silence.

    Always amazed with your drawing skills, so lively.

  3. Mizah: LMAO
    Parasite: i guess we all have our own methods of dealing with awkward silences. LOL. sorry took a while to respond. been sooo busy. =D more drawings coming up! ;)