Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waji's Ways of Solving Problems Part 2


One of the things that really annoy me is when a guy keeps pestering me to 'treat' him to a meal or a drink. Well if i'm the one offering then that's totally cool. In most cases... they offer themselves on my behalf. I can't stand it and here are the reasons why...

#1: EUWW!!!
#2: So annoying!!!
#3: I'm not your freakin' husband!!!

So how do I deal with these kind of men who have absolutely no self-respect by asking a woman to treat 'em?!?!?

Take note, I ONLY SAID... "OK FRIEND".

So I just go off...

..and never come back...


PADAN MUKA!!! (<<"In your face!!!" in Malay)

The Logic: Just because I said "Ok" to something, doesn't mean I'll do it. PLLtTtTTtttt!!!! =P

Sometimes people annoy you and usually when you tell 'em to stop whatever it is that they're doing... you expect them to actually stop. Unfortunately there are people who will annoy but they don't stop... maybe they find satisfaction in annoying others. So how does one stop someone from annoying you when you've already told 'em to stop but they just wouldn't?

For instance if my little sister annoys me and doesn't stop, which she does do by the way... What would I do?

What I do is...

I join her... hahahaha.

The Logic: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Yezzzz.... and most of the time... I end up annoying her more and she'd leave me alone. Especially when I annoy her with "La-la-la-la-la-laaaa Lalala...." It doesn't sound annoying but it is. It's hard to convey tone of annoyance in writing... but seriously, it's really annoying. Right Mizah?!?!? Haha. Moving on.

Another thing that bothers me is when you're having a chat with your friends and then suddenly there's an awkward silence. Oh My GOD!!!!! I hate it when that happens. It feels like the time just freezes itself... and I swear that sometimes when there is an awkward silence, I can hear crickets chirping. That is HOW AWKWARD it was. Usually I keep trying to think of things to say to avoid the situation from emerging... but sometimes you have no choice but to think off your feet which happened to me quite a number of times. That incident itself resulted me in finding the solution to this problem. So if you ever face an awkward silence...

THINK!!! How to break the silence!?!?!?!?



Because they'll walk away...

Leave you...



The Logic: Who wouldn't wanna escape from an awkward silence? IT'S AWKWARD! Nuff said.

Until we meet again,


Waji the Empress.

Peace. No War.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Waji's Ways of Solving Her Problems Part 1

1.) As a friend I am extremely understanding. The problem that I often face is that I expect the same thing from my friends. To my smoker friends, I don't bug you nor do I force you to quit smoking because that's your personal choice, even though I don't agree with it. But seriously please do respect my personal choice of not wanting to smoke. If you don't...

I will without a doubt throw you this look...

Please do run... Because most of the time after I glare at you with the EVIL EYES... in about 4 seconds after, I might just smack you in the face. Either that or one of my shoes will land on your head. i will allow you to choose but if I were you, I'll go with the smack in the face. Because with the shoe throwing, my heels at times are 3 inches and they are sharp. So yeah, choose wisely. =D

The Logic: I don't force you to quit smoking, so don't force me to start! GrrRRrrrRRrr!!

2.) For some reason I get asked out a lot. I've faced sooo many invitations from guys of various ethnic and age demographics to become their 'special one'... pfffttt... NO THANK YOU! Usually the invite becomes awkward because most of the time these guys were originally my friends-turned-admirers, which totally sucks! The worst part is that they always catch me off guard... because me being me... I'm completely oblivious to my surrounding. Whether I like it or not, I have no choice but to face awkward moments. Now what I do is that I often come up with ways to escape such moments. Now however I have finally come up with a full proof escape plan just in case if such situation emerges once again.

The moment he's about to say the word that would make me most uncomfortable and weird...


The Logic: You won't have to face an awkward situation if you're not there! 100% effective!!!

3.) Sometimes it's inevitable... you tend to forget your assignment or you haven't finished it yet or you simply just didn't do it. Usually for me it's because I haven't done it. Ngehehehehe. So how would one escape from such a situation?


Typical lecturers... shooting the authoritarian-look to psych us out with guilt. I mean what's up with that?



The Logic: You can never go wrong with world peace.

At least you make an effort to avoid conflict. GENIUS!!! Teeeheeehehehe. be continued...


Waji the Empress

Peace... No War.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waji's Unexpected Questions


I like to help people out of pure sincerity. In this one occasion which took place during Ramadhan, I decided to help my classmate pass around the dates that she brought for the class. Little did I know that the 'dates' would create such a big misunderstanding. You wanna know what the 'dates' did? Well, go ahead and scroll below.

OOPppss!!! Forgot his name. This guy is a classmate of mine who I shall not mention from which class and in which course and what his name is. Well... I forgot his name anyway... so there's not much of a difference. So yeah... I offered it to him...

Anyway...this is where I wished I had spoken my national language (Malay). Either that, or I should've selected my words carefully. Aduih~
This is how I imagine myself to look like to him. Because I swear to God, his face lighted up and he looked like this...

Except with the hearts... I over exaggerated it a little to show the emphasis on how 'brightened up' he had gotten and how gentle his tone of voice was.

So I was taken aback and confused!!!! It took me a while to notice what just happened and what my question sounded like. So i was like...

I had to be clear and honest with him. So then....

Oh... the poor soul. I felt soooooo baaaaaadddd!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! I'm SO SORRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I still feel bad. Haihh.

Moral of the story: Phrase your questions CAREFULLY!!!!!!!

True Story.


Another unexpected question that broke out of my mouth occurred during the month of Ramadhan. I was in the Radio Lab in my University and I had a sense of uneasyness within me the entire day while I was fasting. So then I resorted my troubles to my classmates...

I respect ants as creatures of God sharing the beautiful earth with us... but sometimes I get extremely irritated on certain occasions (especially when they eat my food!!! It's like, GET YOUR OWN FOOD YOU STUPID ANTS!!!!!). Note to self: work on your temper with ants.

Well my classmates just thought I was being cute with the question. They had no idea I was serious. I WAS SERIOUS!!!!! True Story.


A few days back my super awesome Radio lecturer, Sir Jo, had a tea party with all of us students. It was hella fun!!! My classmates were goofing off and all. I had a great time laughing at them. Our lecturer also sung a couple of songs to us. Well naturally at a tea party, what do people serve for drinks? Obviously either TEA or COFFEE. So at the time Amierah and I just arrived. I have told you before, I drink alot and I'm most of the time always very thirsty. This is one of the incidents where I asked the most unexpected question I have ever asked in my life. Even I didn't think I would ever in a gazillion years ask such a question regarding my tea-coffee conundrum. Go ahead... scroll down... (Note: "babezy" is a term derived from the word "babe" that I created and use to call my closest friends only)

The Problem: Coffee gives me a migraine and Milk Tea gives me a stomach ache.


27 seconds later...........

I bet you anything that's what she was thinking. Actually I know for a fact. Because she said it out loud afterwards and laughed at my face. Hahaha. True Story.

Until my next entry... adios amigos. For those in my Uni, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR FINAL EXAMS! STUDY SMART! Muahxz. Xoxo.


*Peace, No War*


Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 5 Typical Me's

The typical side of me that people outside my circle of friends have no idea about.


I am very terribly horribly no good very badly Forgetful.

To be honest, I myself have no idea how I'm surviving through my studies considering how bad my memory is. That's why I despise tests, quizzes and exams. I don't like memorizing facts because I prefer to understand concepts. Haih. Oh well... at least I'm doing ok. God's blessings. Alhamdulillah for that!

Before I continue, note that I have a car which is a forest green Perodua Kembara (Malaysian) named Ranger. In order to understand the following comic strip, you need to know wHo is Ranger. So just to make it crystal clear, Ranger is my car.

Anyway, once upon a time...

I was just thinking.... thinking.... and thinking some more... but WHAT EXACTLY WAS I THINKING ABOUT? I told you, I'm forgetful. So WHAT WAS I TRYING TO NOT FORGET? To be exact, WHAT WAS I TRYING TO REMEMBER????

The answer?

I was trying to remember where I parked my car. I FORGOT WHERE I LEFT RANGER!!! T_T Haih. TRUE STORY.


I am very terribly horribly no good very badly Clumsy.

I was having a meeting with a friend for one of my university clubs activity. So then I exited the classroom all cool and happy... as usual... =D

Until suddenly...

Lucky for me, nobody saw that happened. So I got up and kept it cool. I seriously need to start being more alert. I'm always completely oblivious to my surrounding which result in my many accidents and clumsiness. TRUE STORY.


I have my... what-my-friends-and-relatives-would-call-it... A Dumb Moment.

Truth be told, in many ways... I don't blame them. Unfortunately I have no control over them. I just blurt out my dumbness at the spur of the moment. Without thinking or any hesitation... which makes it even worse. This is just ONE of those MANY dumb moments. =/

That one night during the fasting month around 1.00 AM, I was out with my cousin, brother, and a friend to have early sahur or breakfast before the sun rise. So I wanted to get something before we head back home. I went to 7/11 to get water. Oh... I drink a lot by the way. Haha. So random. Yeah, anyway... when I got out... Well, let me just show you EXACTLY what happened. Haih. Why oh why... did I ask such a question. T_T

No kidding. I was really really really seriously asking.

In my defense... I don't usually go out at night. AND!!!! I SERIOUSLY DIDN'T KNOW THAT 7/11 OPENS 24 HOURS!!!!! How on earth was I supposed to know that?!?! Haih. Yeah, still... dumb. I know. TRUE STORY.


I am seriously... Dramatic.

No... I'm not a drama queen. I'm just very dramatic in certain occasions or happenings depending on the situation. For example...

One fine day I was just chilling on a bench reading the newspaper... All is good and fine.


This so-not-smart of a guy threw his Pepsi can on the floor.

SO how did I react to that?!

I really DID THIS and I really SAID ALL THIS at that moment during that time. There were some guards who saw me behave in such a way. They probably thought I was insane and crazy but I didn't care. To you people out there...

STOP LITTERING!!!!!!!!!!!!



Last but not least <<sometimes when people talk I can't Pay Attention.

I DO WANT TO!!! But I can't. ={ The two people who knows this most is none other than my two best friends in campus. Amierah and Zul.

Amierah talked... and talked...

All I noticed was that Zul was responding but yet... I couldn't absorb what she was saying. Then I felt bad... so I had to be honest. So I blurted out...

I do try to pay attention... but my brain doesn't wanna accept the information!!! It's like there's this blockage. I just couldn't. Haih. TRUE STORY.

*Peace NO WAR*


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Waji's Random Sister

Being here for the holiday is rejuvenating. It’s so great to relax at home with nothing to worry much. So since I’m at home, I spend most of my days with my mom and my sister. My brother have classes at Jordan University while my dad works. Usually we do our own things. I would be watching some Korean/Japanese drama, dancing in the living room or karaoke-ing on youtube. My sister would be facebooking, formspringing, downloading music, or browsing for new music. My mom would be watching tv or cooking or cleaning. When the time comes for us to gather together is when things seem to be out of the norm. Like today…

Well just yesterday my brother came back from his trip to Beirut, Lebanon. I told him I didn’t miss him but as a sister of course I DID!!! I’m just too cool to admit it. (For some reason I have trouble opening up to my brother, emotional-wise. So a self reminder to yourself W, make sure to work it with your BigB!!!) Like I was saying, he just got back from his trip. I was glad that he’s back. He bought us chocolates and souvenirs!!! =D The souvenir he got us was a bracelet of Lebanon. It looks like this…

Well not exactly, but something similar to that. We were all excited about my brother’s return. But suddenly my sister started acting a little bizarre today. She wore the bracelet... but not at its rightful place. Instead…

She hooked it to her nose and started acting like a cow. She even said it herself. Her exact words were…

“ Moo! I’m a COW!”

HAHAHAHA. Weird? Tell me about it. Haha. So naturally out of my deepest concern for the lost animal spirit that suddenly resides within my sister, I went to tell my mom…

Still she kept moo-ing at me…
=/ It took me a while to realize that she can't be stopped now. When she left the living room where my mom and I were, I heard her “MOO” at my brother. So I went to check what she’s up to and I saw…

... her calling my brother a "Bedouin". LOL. My brother was wearing his turban at the time so he was looking like a Bedouin. I guess my brother gave her a little encouragement to her sudden act of bizarre cuteness with the ‘cow’ thing. My theory is...

She's just bored.

Haha. Well at least she's cute about it. She finds whatever is available to entertain herself. Even I’m bored so I have nothing to do but blog on the random occurrences of a day like this one. Since I only have my mom and my sister, who else and what else can I blog about? I guess it’s just one of her random weird cute-in-a-strange-kind-of-way moments. Heck, even I have my weird moments. I’m just unaware of it when it occurs I guess. Well we'll just leave it at that for now. Hehe. Anyway... it’s late. Tomorrow is going to be one heck of a long day. Until we meet again.

Peace Out.